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Published: 02nd July 2010
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I. Introduction Recent years, countries in the world due to fires caused by ever-increasing textile. My last ten years, the average number of fires occur each year 3-4 million cases, 2-3 thousand deaths, fires off section 2-3 billion yuan loss. These accidents are caused by burning textiles. Moreover, China's textile flame retardant technology began in the 50s, to study the flame retardant finishing of cotton fabrics temporary start, but slow development. Of the last century occurred before 60 years durability fire-retardant cotton textiles. 70s of last century after the development of flame retardant synthetic and blended fabrics for flame retardant technology research stage. 80s of last century, our flame retardant fabric into a new development period, the number of units in the development of cotton, polyester and blended fabrics and flame retardant and finishing of synthetic fibers. Flame-retardant fiber research and development - our research and development of flame-retardant fibers started in the late 70s; since 80s of last century, Shanghai, Jilin, Shandong, Guangdong, Tianjin, Sichuan, Beijing, Jiangsu and other provinces and some of the research unit , institutions and factories have on the flame-retardant fibers were small pilot study, polyester and polypropylene have mass production capabilities, but generally speaking, the flame-retardant fiber products still in the research and trial stage.

Second, the technical status of synthetic flame-retardant modified

1. Retardant polypropylene fiber modified Flame retardant polypropylene fiber modified mainly by the addition of modified and prepared by means of flame-retardant finishing. Currently, polypropylene, mainly through the use of halogen flame retardants and antimony trioxide synergist interaction such as to obtain flame-retardant effect, usually first in polypropylene sections of high concentrations of flame retardants and other additives, after blending manufacture of flame-retardant masterbatch, and then sliced with conventional polypropylene fibers melt spinning, prepare a flame retardant polypropylene fibers. P? Bromine synergistic flame retardant system for polypropylene fiber has good flame retardant effect, environmental pollution, and P? Nitrogen synergistic flame retardant system for polypropylene fiber has a better flame-retardant effect, but The application of polypropylene fiber in terms of relatively high.

2. Polyamide fiber flame retardant modified

Can be used as polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 copolymer modified flame retardant red phosphorus and the two main acid methyl ester and so on. Often with an inert red phosphorus compounds such as manganese hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, etc. The role of co-polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 modified flame retardant. China for the production of flame retardant polyamide copolymer fiber is good fiber Shanxi Institute of Production NF? 8702 type flame retardant polyamide fibers. Intumescent flame retardant system in the modification of polyamide fiber has a potential market value. Modification of flame retardants for polyamide blend more, such as low molecular weight phosphorus compounds, chlorinated polyethylene, brominated pentaerythritol and antimony trioxide, etc.. With boron, antimony and bromine flame retardant composition of the ternary system of the flame retardant polyamide modified, the flame-retardant effect is better. Another use of red phosphorus or micro-encapsulation red phosphorus and polyamide blend spinning can be self-extinguishing flame retardant properties of polyamide fibers.

3. Retardant modified PAN fiber Flame retardant copolymer modified method is to introduce in the PAN fibers containing halogen or phosphorus and other monomers such as vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, allyl alkyl phosphate, vinyl bis (2? chloro-ethyl) phosphoric acid and other monomers. The world has industrialized production of flame-retardant polyacrylonitrile fiber manufactured mostly by copolymerization. As the blend of flame retardant polyacrylonitrile fiber content can not be too high, they would have to use highly efficient flame retardant, and flame retardants in the spinning solution in the solubility and dispersion stability even better, as well as poly compatibility of acrylonitrile, the retention rate in the spinning process, resistance to washing and toxicity, so the choice of flame retardant difficult, now fire-retardant polypropylene blend industrialization fiber bladder few varieties.

4. Retardant polyester fiber modified

Polyester fiber can be used to add more flame retardant, flame retardant are also flame retardant polyester fiber modified the original method.

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